Kids & Students

Partnering with you to help your kids grow in their faith

Kids: Birth to 5th Grade

We realize that you have more time with your kids than we do. What happens in our Forefront Kids environment will have the best results when it's reinforced at home. As partners, our desire is to come alongside families as a resource to guide, direct, and encourage your kids. There are a few different ways we can help you in connecting with your kids the other 167 hours they are not with us at church.

God Time Cards: These cards are a great way to connect with your kids in a language they can understand. These are handed out each week at the classrooms after service.

Parent Cue: We hand these out at the end of every service during pick-up on Sundays. This sheet has EVERYTHING you need to connect with your child during the week. If an app would work better, the curriculum writers have a great app that puts everything we hand out, right on your phone.

Email Us: Sometimes there are things as parents that leave us scratching our heads. There is no manual for this parenting thing. Got a question? We're here to help.

Students: 6th to 12th Grade

A collision is simply the meeting of two forces at the same place. Often a collision can be just the thing we need because when two objects collide, at least one will walk away changed. In fact, every time our lives collide with Jesus, we walk away changed. COLLIDE is a time for students to gather where they will get have fun, get to know each other, connect with leaders who care about them, and learn from the Bible in a practical way. COLLIDE takes place at Forefront Church on Sunday nights from 6:30-8:00pm. Below are a few ways for us to partner with you as parents:

Parent Cue Online: As parents we need all the help we can get. On the Parent Cue website there are TONS of resources to help us navigate the tricky teenage years that sneak up on us.

Parent Cue App: This app helps you as a parent track the progress, phases, and spiritual growth of your child or children. We cannot say enough about the resources that this group provides.

Email Us: Teenagers can be confusing. One minute you are pulling your hair out and the next you're hugging them. Need some help? Got a question? We're here for you.