Everybody needs access to an easy to read copy of the Bible

During your worship experience you'll notice we open up and discuss the Bible every single week. Whether it's in a small group, Sunday services, or getting together in a local coffee shop; the Bible is an important part of our faith and we want to make sure you have access to one.

There are a few ways to get a Bible here at Forefront. Check out the list below or click the button above to begin read the Bible now.

Download The Bible App

The Bible App, by YouVersion and Life.Church is an excellent way to have access to a Bible wherever you are. Our staff, volunteers, and many of the people in our community use it. It has audio Bibles, you can take notes, select reading plans, and more.

Grab a Bible This Sunday

In the lobby at our Get Connected Table, we have a brand new Bible waiting for you. Stop by and grab one next time you're with us. You don't have to fill anything out or even talk to anyone if you aren't comfortable. They are sitting there ready for you to pick up.

You can take notes, highlight, and write in your new Bible. We promise you won't get struck by lightning. Bring your new Bible with you each Sunday and be ready to learn as you journey in your faith.